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Alexandrite, Pearl, and Moonstone - June Birthstones


Rare. Magical. Wonderous.

Blue-green by daylight and purple-red by incandescent light, Alexandrite’s bewitching beauty fascinates us. Highly sought after, fine quality stones over three carats are increasingly rare. Alexandrite promotes emotional balance, creativity, and imagination. It is June’s birthstone and honors the 18th wedding anniversary.


Lustrous. Organic. Classic.

Perhaps the most renowned of cultured pearls, Akoyas come from the world’s smallest pearl-producing oyster, the pinctada fucata martensii. The most sought-after pink-tinged white Akoya pearls are an elegant choice in a simple, classic pearl necklace, though the same oyster also produces a gorgeous dark gray-green pearl.


Majestic. Illuminated. Tranquil.

The subtle interplay of light with layers of albite crystals in this pale and delicate stone is called adularescence, named after Mount Adular in Switzerland, where it was once mined. The overall effects resemble the moonlight, and these refractions were once believed to be benevolent spirits.