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Blue Zircon, Turquoise, Tanzanite - December Gemstones

December Gemstones

Electric. Bright. Energetic.

Not to be confused with cubic zirconia, Zircon is a beautiful, brilliant, and unique genuine gemstone that has been known since before the Middle Ages. Medieval Europeans believed that zircon promoted restful sleep and wealth, and that it dispelled evil spirits. The genius of 19th century gemology, George Frederick Kunz, was enamored of zircon — to the extent that he launched a campaign to rebrand it as starlight in recognition of its ethereal beauty.

Cool. Smooth. Dappled.

Turquoise’s roots stretch back to Ancient Egypt. It was named pierre tourques or Turkish stone for the traders who brought it to Europe. This December birthstone also marks the 6th wedding anniversary. It is thought to bestow hope, success, protection, and courage. We now carry Bluebird turquoise, a fine quality featuring an intense robin’s egg blue with no visible matrix, and Kingman turquoise, a prime example of classic turquoise with sand-colored veining. 

Vibrant. Interesting. Magical.

Discovered in Tanzania in 1967, Tanzanite’s luminous violet blue hue exerts a strong attraction. Some shade variations closely resemble cornflower blue sapphire. Tanzanite can enhance awareness, awaken the heart, and elevate mood.